Rocky Mountain Chapter Women in Defense (WID)
Mentorship Program Announcement
P.O. Box 75026
Colorado Springs, CO 80970

The organizational mission of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Women In Defense (WID-RM) is to cultivate and grow an organization that gives women in the defense industry opportunities for mentoring, networking, and leadership development. WID-RM defines mentoring as a trusting, collaborative relationship in which there is a commitment of time and a series of interactions that contribute to the personal and professional development of the mentee. However, both parties learn and contribute through a caring and respectful relationship. A formal agreement guides the learning process and defines the roles and responsibilities of both the mentor and the mentee.

Mentors and mentees can maximize their learning partnerships in a variety of ways. We ask that you read through this the Mentorship Packet to more fully understand the WID-RM program expectations, before committing to the relationship since it will help both parties learn more about each other and take steps to contribute towards a ‘good match’.

As part of the program, WID-RM seeks to keep this packet up-to-date, assist with recruiting and to the extent possible, match mentors with mentees. As such, the Mentoring Committee is available for questions, concerns, to collect feedback, and to assist in keeping the relationship within the context of the program, as outlined in this packet. This WID-RM Mentorship Packet establishes a protocol designed to enhance the chances of a successful relationship and the attainment of objectives set forth by the mentee and mentor.

Members of the WID-RM Board of Directors are pleased to present our One-on-One Mentoring Program Guide to be used by WID-RM mentors and mentees alike. Download Mentoring Program Guide